Monday, October 4

The Kitchen Remodel

Ok everyone this is the dreaded kitchen, while yes it is Huge and I'm so excited, its an eye sore to me. The cabinet boxes are all covered with this wood contact paper because I'm sure the boxes are cheap compressed wood or something the like. The cabinet doors are real oak but standing close you can tell the contact paper and doors don't match. The part above the microwave is a third color. Don't even get me started on the counters....YIKES
So we will be painting the cabinets black and distressing the corners to look similar to this.

All the appliances are either black or Titanium so those won't be a problem. My counters are going to be done using ArmorGranite
in the Travertine color. So here are my questions for you wonderful readers. Have you ever used ArmorGranite? It gets great reviews but I can't find anyone that  has pictures. Also since my counters are cheap laminate I was thinking of using some molding nailed/glued on to get the granite look vs paint on laminate. Anyone done this? We will also be updating the molding throughout the cabinets top and bottom. Oh and the Kitchen walls will be a vintage green that is light to medium shade.

The top of the cabinets will have cans decorated with old vintage labels which you can easily find on Ebay at a small cost. I will have some other vintage items up there too of course ie crate, glass milk jars, old beater...

State Fair of Texas Cake Contest

Well, I've decided to blog again but in a more creative way. I love to make cakes and will post pictures of cakes I have done here and there. This blog will include sewing projects, kitchen & bath remodel, taking care of chickens, and lots of other new adventures of a home owner/creator. Please feel free to give advice and laugh at some of the sure to come mishaps of creativity.

I recently entered the State Fair Dr Peppers' 125th Anniversary cake contest. This cake weighed at least 50 lbs and if I could do it again I would have changed several things but that is how you learn right! This cake has 43 eggs and 22 sticks of butter. I took home 3rd place and coupons for five 12pks of Dr Pepper.